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2021 Interior Design Trend Report

Welcome to the Studio Glas journal, and our inaugural article, the 2021 Interior Design Trend Report!

As we enter this new year we are full of hope and expectation, of changes to come here at home, and around the world. Some of these changes will have been instigated by the events of the past year; the global pandemic, and social movements, and some will have been a long time coming. With that in mind, lets dive in to what we think will be important trends in interior design in the upcoming year!

Sustainable design

We are so excited about this one, since we have always been firm believers that we have a responsibility as designers to make sustainable choices and always put the issue of sustainability at the forefront of our designs.

We are also firm believers in the fact that sustainability, style, and comfort, are not mutually exclusive, which is exemplified by projects like Silo, a zero-waste restaurant in East London designed by Nina+Co., where these factors co-exist in absolute harmony.

At Silo, the bar counter is made from recycled plastic packaging, and the wall sconces are made with glass from recycled wine bottles.

Detail of the bar at Silo
Detail of the bar at Silo
Detail of the wall sconces at Silo
Detail of the wall sconces at Silo

For more on this project, click here.

With sustainable design taking off in popularity, we can't wait to see more and more people embracing it.

Cleanliness considerations

With the reality of Covid-19 now in our lives, designing with materials that can be easily cleaned will be so important for 2021, and perhaps beyond. Even when Covid-19 isn't a global pandemic any longer, having cleanable, durable materials in our homes and workplaces will not be a bad thing!

Chilewich Mosaic Wall Textiles
Chilewich Mosaic Wall Textiles

Chilewich has made huge strides in creating a material that is environmentally friendly, but its also super easily cleaned and even inhibits microbial growth. It's called TerraStrand, and its phthalate-free, and contains 25% renewable vegetable content. You can clean it with soap and water, or even a diluted bleach solution.

Embracing local makers

Last but not least, we expect that the trend of supporting local makers will be sticking around for a while - and why not?! There are so many amazing companies right here at home that make beautiful products. Better yet, by supporting them, we support our local communities and industries, and reduce the amount of transportation required in a product's life cycle.

Hush Acoustics, for one, is a Canadian owned and operated company, who only use Canadian raw materials in their products. Lightmaker Studio, based in Toronto, design and make all of their pieces right here on our doorstep.

Pendant by Lightmaker Studio, Toronto
Pendant by Lightmaker Studio, Toronto

So that's our roundup of 2021 trends, let us know what you think will be trending this year in the comments!



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