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Glās (/gloss/) is the Irish word for green. For us, green represents the concept that some of the best designs are those that exist in nature, are inspired by nature, and which exist in unity with our natural world. Now, more than ever, is the time for us to make systemic changes in our lives that improve our relationship with the Earth, and we believe that a good place to start, is how we design our lives.

Rooted in the core philosophy that design can make a positive contribution to people's lives, in a sustainable and responsible manner, Studio Glās supports local trades and vendors, uses cradle-to-cradle certified products whenever possible, and advocates for the use of recycled and reused materials in our projects.

As a division of Green Propeller Design, a multidisciplinary architecture and building services firm, we are able to offer full service interior design services supported by a team of LEED accredited, and sustainable design professionals.

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Canada Green Building Council Member CaGBC